Sky Logistics of india provides quality services at excellent value. A robust management process efficiently deploys and utilizes assets to improve effectiveness and reduce costs in the Transportation.

  • LCV,FTL,Turbo Vehicles
  • Part truck load
  • Containerized vehicles
  • Refrigerated vehicles
  • Over Dimensional Cargo

LCV,FTL,Turbo Vehicles

We deliver your cargo anywhere everywhere.

Part Loads

Small consignments delivered fast and economically. Consignments are always delivered right at the doorstep. Avail of our unmatched services at a fraction of the cost offered by courier companies. We also offer Collection facilities.

Containerized Vehicles

The safe transit of your consignment is our primary concern. We take extra precaution to ensure that all the containers are completely Watertight and Airtight thus providing protection against air, water and fire. A special locking system provides safety against transit hazards. Using our containerized vehicles will bring down your Insurance costs.

Refrigerated Vehicles

Move all your perishable commodities, life saving drugs, butter, ice creams and other products requiring extra care safely. Our fleet of Refrigerated vehicles are at your service.

Over Dimensional Cargo

We carry odd shaped and over dimensional objects across the country and have received numerous laurels from the industry and the government. To aid uninterrupted free flow of your cargo, we construct temporary roads and culverts, if required, even in the most remote areas. We undertake full responsibility to ensure that your material is delivered safely and in time to the destination.